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Fri, 01 May 98 14:55:11 -0600

Hello Friends:

Last night I was browsing through to get 'freebies' and landed on the following:

The Indian Languages Software from the GOI for free! The socalled 'leaplite'
version is quite a bit involved for folks like me who have an inherent hatred to
'qwerty.'  I have downloaded and fooled around with the  'lite' version this 
morning, and it looks darn good. ( I repeat, it is little clumsy for me,

My question is simply this: Did any one work with the full-fledged version? With
all the
trimmings and the desserts it is supposed to provide? 

If so, what are the usual problems & pitfalls? Some of the wizards should look
into this
and help us novices with their expertise! Free of charge, of course!! 

Here is how to get the freebie:

Please visit our web site at for downloading the
LEAP lite multilingual software which works on Windows3.x/95.



Venkateswara Rao Veluri