Re[2]: samasyA pUraNa
Fri, 01 May 98 17:11:55 -0600

Sree Ramakrishna S. Pillalamarri<pkrishna@ARL.MIL>
on 4/30/98 9:52 AM reminds us all: 

"---Couple of years ago, when samasyA-pURaNa was a hot thread on this
group, I meant to post something to the following effect.---"

Nyayapathi Sreenivasa Rao gaaroo! This isn't a repost. You don't
have to hone your sickles and raise your hammer at me!


"---The second part is of a standard level of difficulty, unless some dushkara
prAsa is involved. I remember "sadbrAhmaNu DEla .." given mEDasAni mOhan at
Atlanta (by pudoor jagadeeSwaran, himself an avadhAni),....---"

Portions of it is repeated. So what? 

Repetition is the name of the game;
Each generation (newer members to telusaa) plays the same! 

Doesn't it sound as a plagiarization from an old song? Any way, 
at the time this part was posted, I said that I could be 
persuaded to post the whole pooraNa by mEdasaani mOhan, if a 
hefty charitable contribution could be made to any charitable 
organization ( preferably to ILP!), but none came forth! What can I do?

I did quit asking then, and I quit asking now. Here it is:

cidbrahee kRpanoMdaka
sadbraahEtyi praSasti saadhiMpaku dee
vyadbrahma gati vikaTa
sadbraahmaNuDEla boMde saMkara janman

I still don't know what the heck it really means!! It doesn't even sound
lilting and soft, let alone the meaning, like that sanskritized half 
of the utpalamaalamaala by allasaani peddana!!

With all those high sounding words in it, some one must be able to make
out some meaning! After all, the Sanskrit dictionary gives a bunch of 
synonyms for several words in the pooraNa!!


"---PS: As an example, and illustrating one of the techniques adopted by
avadhAnis in tackling samasyas such as "garuDuDu gaNapatiki tanDrigAvale

I remember to have suggested (repetition; spare my...)that the same
samasya be given over and over and over to the avadhaanees, and the
pooraNalu get more and more and more bizarre! Hey!! Look at what's 

I am one of those chandO-intimidated. Extremely afraid of
chandassu. On top of it scared to death about samasyalu. I always
felt sorry for the avadhaani! What will be his/her fate, if he/she
can not do the pooraNa? 

Hence I post the pooraNa by kopparapu sOdarulu: 
See how better we can confuse worsen the samasya!

haruDu gaNapatiki bOlen
saraseejakshuMDu naabhi janmunaku balen
gurukeerti ganna yaa saa
garu DuDugaNapatiki taMDri gaavale jummee!

Here is the tail piece: This is from the preface to Sataavdhaana
saaramu by tirupati vEMkaTakavulu ( 1956 edition).

" caduvarulaaraa!

ee pustakamunu brakaTiMcutaku mukhyakaaraNamu, avadhaanamana
neTTidO aMdali kavitvameMtarasamu takkuvakaligiyuMDunO, aMdu
gOreDi kOrke leMta vishamamulugaanuMDunO, yanu vishaya mellariki
dETatellambaguTakE kaani deeni valana meemanassulanu raMjimpa
jEyuTaku gaadu."

Regards and Thanks.

Venkateswara Rao Veluri