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Prasad Chodavarapu (
Fri, 01 May 1998 15:15:24 PDT

>Hello Friends:
>Last night I was browsing through to get 'freebies' and landed on the 
>The Indian Languages Software from the GOI for free! The socalled 
>version is quite a bit involved for folks like me who have an inherent 
hatred to
>'qwerty.'  I have downloaded and fooled around with the  'lite' version 
>morning, and it looks darn good. ( I repeat, it is little clumsy for 

i had once before posted a pointer to it on scit-telusa. in fact, that 
was the day it arrived on the net! i too was impressed when i saw it in 
india, barely couple of months before it was made freely downloadable.

>My question is simply this: Did any one work with the full-fledged 
version? With
>all the
>trimmings and the desserts it is supposed to provide? 

SrI kalaSapUDi SrInivAsa rao gAru bought the full version. 
it seems that the full version does not have the formatting capabilities 
that lite provides! in fact, lite, it seems, is an upgrade of the 
version being sold in US. unless ofcourse, you have more than one page 
to write and break the limits on telusa! 

>If so, what are the usual problems & pitfalls? Some of the wizards 
should look
>into this
>and help us novices with their expertise! Free of charge, of course!! 

also, the  licence clearly bars use of the fonts separately from the 
demo version. unfortunately, it means that they cannot be ported for use 
with RIT, raMgavalli or telugu lipi.


p.s: (better avoided, you have been warned!)
i know, telusaers are anxiously awaiting the release of vElUri's 
anti-samasya '98, but his schedules are going to be upset with the entry 
of the puzzling "fulvarshanupayi laiTu soMpulu beTarE" lIpu! verify it, 
you should have no jagaDaM with a kaMdaM whose yati runs between the sa, 
pa posts of the octaves ;-)

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