Re: Re[2]: samasyA pUraNa

Nyayapathi Srinivasa Rao (
Mon, 4 May 98 10:36:11 IST

Sri Veluri says:

> Nyayapathi Sreenivasa Rao gaaroo! This isn't a repost. You don't
> have to hone your sickles and raise your hammer at me!

I don't much need attack weapons, sir.
BTW, hammers and sickles fell into disuse, anyway!
All i keep at my dosposal is a shield  and that's defenders' right!

[snip], not because it's repost, but because a) i don't know
much about the topic being discussed b) Telusa-charter!

> I am one of those chandO-intimidated. Extremely afraid of
> chandassu. ....................

Only i can lay the claim to be chhandoe-challenged/intimidated.
guruvu gaaroo, is it fair that you take away the only
sobriquet i've been lovingly given? while you can earn any number
of them?
Telusa archives (which you so regularly use and rely on)
make my point clear, don't they?


> Regards and Thanks.
> Venkateswara Rao Veluri


Regards & Thanks