Re[3]: samasyA pUraNa
Mon, 04 May 98 10:01:38 -0600

The mEDasaani vaari pooraNa,as I quoted, needs chandO corrections.
It is my lack of 'RIT-ability' that caused the terrible chandO
errors. May I beg the forgiveness from the high priests? Before,
they give a zero to me on chandassu related test, let me 
try corrcting the so-called tyo-errors. (Please give me pass
marks. I still like to get 35% in Telugu!!)

Corrected version: ( not that we understand this version
better than the previous one!)

cidbraahee kRpanoMdaka
sadbraahEtyi praSasti saadhiMpaku dee
vyadbrahmaa gati vikaTa
sadbraahmaNuDEla boMde saMkara janman

I still don't know what the heck it really means!!


V R Veluri