Re: Re[2]: samasyA pUraNa

Nyayapathi Srinivasa Rao (
Tue, 5 May 98 11:44:26 IST

Now I repost what has already been posted twice!

> cidbrahee kRpanoMdaka
> sadbraahEtyi praSasti saadhiMpaku dee
> vyadbrahma gati vikaTa
> sadbraahmaNuDEla boMde saMkara janman


> With all those high sounding words in it, some one must be able to make
> out some meaning! After all, the Sanskrit dictionary gives a bunch of 
> synonyms for several words in the pooraNa!!

That means you know the meanings of the words.
Assuming there are not too many valid combinations,
i guess you got what they call the #vaacyaardham(ulu!)#

How can one split those #samaasaalu# into constitunet words?
I know i am exposing my ignorance. But admitting one's
#agyaanam# in #vyaakaraNa vishayam# and vocabulary is better 
than hiding it!

It happened several times to me. While reading classicl poetry,
many times i wondered! Becasue of the sandhi rules and 
parusha-becoming-saraLa rule, even #pada vibhajana# of
our samaasaalu isn't an easy task (for me).

But then, i don't know many things!

Knowledgable people may help me.


Regards & Thanks