Subject: mahaaprasthaanam - Copyrights

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Wed, 13 May 1998 10:26:13 PDT

Could anyone pl. provide information on the CopyRight status of the 
book?Is it owned by SriSri Jr.? Thatswhat I vaguely remember hearing 
from someone, a while ago. 

A year and a half ago, when Ramakrishna Sanka was developing his 
(wonderful) web site for Telugu Literature,

        [BTW its up again! Please point your browsers at:

I had wRITten down the entire compilation, but didn't venture to put
all poems, for I wasn't sure of the copyrights issue. However a few
selected ones (8) from _ma.pra_ and _khaDgasRshTi_ were put. And
PALANA gaaru contributed few more SS's works from other compilations.

Any information on the CR status is highly appreciated!

Let me also use this oppurtunity to introduce a great web site, IMHO the 
Best, on Telugu Language and Literature, started by Prof. Adluri Seshu 
Madhava Rao. Its exactly the kind of project I have been long wanting to 
underatke, but unfortunately lacked the technical expertise in 
developing such web site. Well, the project is in its infancy, BUT, AT 
LAST, an attempt is made! Pl. look at:

I have lamented enough number of times on this forum about the lack of
Telugu resources on Web. I won't repeat myself! But, pl. do go through 
Prof.  Adluri's Intro./Appeal on his main page.
It is also simultaneously a call for volunteers for participation in 
various projects; esp. E-Texts of various Classics. 2 years ago three 
people (Kishore Dhaaraa, Madhava Kumar Turumella and ?) responded to a 
similar appeal of mine. Could they please drop me a line at:

Thanks and Regards,                             --Sreenivas


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