Kandam -rules

Bhaskar Kompella (ra6708@ausboss.sps.mot.com)
Mon, 25 May 1998 11:10:16 -0500

Writng poems with "Chandas" is like doing tricky problems in Mathematics. 
Before doing math problems, we need to know the formulae. 

I see many a poet on teusa-net attempting to come up with " Kanda padyalu". 
For those who have no access to the rules, here are they. 

Kandam - Rules: 
1. Use only the followig ĘgaNA"s.
	(In other words, all possible gaNAs with 4 "mAthrAs".)
2. The first and the third lines should have 3 gaNAs. 
   	In these lines, 1st and 3rd gaNAs should not be "IUI" ("ja" gaNam). 

3.  The second and the fourth lines shoud have 5 gaNAs. 
   	In these lines, 1st, 3rd and  5th gaNAs should not be "IUI" ("ja" gaNa). 

	(In general, the odd numbered gaNa should not be a "ja' gaNa. ) 

4. If the poem strats with a guruvu (U), all the lines should start with  

5. If the poem strats with a laghuvu (I), all the lines should start with 

6. 1st and 3rd lines do not need "Yathi maithri". 2nd and 4th lines need. 
	In these two lines (2nd and 4th), the first letter of the line and 
	the first letter of the 4th gaNam in the line should respect Yathi.  
7. "prAsa" is a must. 

8. The 3rd gaNa of the 2nd and 4th lines must be either IIII or IUI. 

9. The 5th gaNa in 2nd and 4th lines should end with either IIU or UU.