Re: I want more! More!

Panini (
Sat, 30 May 1998 00:15:05 -0400

>1. Did anybody find out whether V. in Jampala Chowdary stands for
>   venkanna?

It stands for "versatile" :-)

>2. Did Veluri mention even once, with a glitter in his eye?

No, but he did have a glitter in his eye on more than one occassion!

>3. Did Paalana's son demonstrate his (multi)-directional abilities?

No, but Paalana may need those as he may be about to hit the road!

>4. Is the roumor about Baparao being bald really true?


>5. Who won the first prize at guessing the name of Suresh's wife?

I guess I am one of the lucky ones.  If curious, send a personal e-mail
either to me or to surEsh.


>All I want is juicy gossip and you give me dry details instead!!
>(Equivalent of Pch!).