Re: swIya kavita

Nasy Sankagiri (
Sat, 30 May 1998 18:35:03 -0500

>The expression of the difference in the taste of food when she got a
>letter from her son, and when you were scolded at the office was good.
>The rest of the poem appears as a patchwork.
>The contrast is between the present cook and the future cook. Is the food
>going to taste differently under different emotional states when the new
>cook arrives?  Or is that irrelevant? The last line is a good social
>commentary, but it has no real connection with the rest of the poem. It
>simply looks like a parting shot on an entirely different subject.
>My personal Views, as Bapa Rao garu says!
>Sitaramayya Ari.

It appeared to me that the rest of the poem is all setting the framework
for the punch of the last line. If that is the case, didn't quite catch the
significance of the 'vaMTa ruci mAraDam' according to mood.

Would like to hear kRUshNamoorti gaari views.