Re: Re:I want more! More!

Nasy Sankagiri (
Sat, 30 May 1998 18:30:59 -0500

vEloori vAru wrote:
>An Objective and Obviously the Most Unbiased Look At the
>Atlanta Sahitee Sadassu
That was hilarious. Many hours after I read it, bewildered Ann Arborites
handed me over to the police because I was still laughing hysterically, and
the police were baffled because the hash-bash was actually over several
weeks ago!:-)

>But, all of them
>agreed , that they have  to seriously strive, at any cost, to preserve and
>freeze the telugu
>culture for  posterity. Some one from the audience even offered to import
>sesame seed oil,
>red peppers from gunTooru, and salt from danDi for this sacred act of
>preservation.  A
>motion to use vinegar instead, has been unanimously rejected for religious and
>cultural reasons.

I suppose formaldehyde (sp.?) would be totally out of question, eh? What
say you, Ari gaaru? :-)


PS: vEloori vaariki,
saMjayuDu bhArata yudhdhAniki #running commentary# ceppinaMta cakkagA
ceppAru, saar. dhanyavAdAlu.