Re: I want more! More!

Venkateswara Rao Veluri (
Sat, 30 May 1998 22:03:07 -0500

An important correction from Venkateswara Rao Veluri:

> velcEru naaraayaNa raavu held his court during the first night at the
> micromotel, and it seems,  it went on and on into the wee hours of the
> next  morning! Those who met naaraayaNa raavu for the first time got
> thoroughly flabbergasted and remembered  nothing of what 
> prof. velcEru said! Those who knew it, never made to the  show!!   All
> these folks,  made it to the second day a couple of hours late!! (We
> were told that iMdragaMTi  padma was taking notes at every opportunity!)

I have been informed by trust worthy lobby sources from the western
(don't we trust them more than we trust ourselves?) that it was not 
chi.sow. iMdragaMTi padma who took notes. It was confirmed that K V Bapa
Rao was
furiously jotting down notes in a little black book at every
I regret for my error and apologies to padma!


Venkateswara Rao Veluri 


> For my part, I have brought my imported vaikuTha paali ( also known as
> paramapada sOpaana paTham!), minus the dice (gavvalu) and there was no
> one to play. I have played  against  myself, improvising with Georgia
> peanuts as dice,  and  have  been bitten by the big s7nake twice, even though,
> I cheated my  imaginary  opponent several times  during the games!
> Finally, A quiz to Kanneganti Rama Rao: ( Kanneganti Chandrasekara Rao
> is disqualified  from participating!)
>  1. The 'V' in Jampala Chowdary's name:
>  a) Venkanna b) Venkayya c) Veeraiah d) Victory  e) none of the above
>  2. How many toupees did Bapa Rao wear during the two days?
>  a) none b) one  c) two   d)eleven  d) several but they are optically
>  invisible
>  3. Did Veluri mention sinaare even once, with a glitter in his eye?
>  a) Yes b) No c) Veluri started reading the 102 pages of maTTI manishee
>  aakaaSam
>  and fainted after the first page
>  4) Who won the first  prize for guessing the name of  Suresh's wife?
>  a) Suresh b) Suresh's wife c) The 'Iceman' for the Wedding Cake  d) The
>  proprietor of  Haveli Restaurant e) Not me
>  That's about it.
>  Have fun.
>  V R Veluri