swIya kavitA vyAKhyAnam(accha telugulO sonta DabbA!)

Bh. Kameswara Rao (kamesh@hclt.com)
Sat, 01 Jun 1996 22:22:04 +0530


Thanks to everyone for their comments on swIya kavita.
I think it's not a good idea to comment on one's own kavitvam. (only
great poets like viSwanatha can do that!)
But after reading the comments, I couldn't resist ex'pressing' my own
views about some of the points raised. 
The 'vanTa ruchimAraDam' when 'vanTAviDa' gets letter from her son
is real. She really prepares food well on that day. While the same in
the case when I get scolded at my office is not real. It is only that I
feel it bad because of my mood. So her feelings are true while mine are
false. This also shows my ill-treatment towards her.(from "visukkuntu
uttaram chadavaDam" etc.) All through the kavita it was the poets aim
to create a feeling of sympathy towards 'vanTAviDa'. At the end when
one realizes that even wife is given such a treatment, one can feel
how wrong it is.
After all that explanation, let me tell you the truth. I am a bachelor
and we have a cook at our house. I started the kavita just as a reaction
(is that the right word for 'spandana'?) to what I am experiencing. Then
came the problem about the ending. I just gave the ending which I 
thought was the most natural and also which I felt was a bitter truth.
I might not have succeeded very much in combining the two aspects.
After all, it is my third or fourth vacana kavita.
Thanks once again for the comments.

Bh.Kameswara Rao.