Forthcoming translations from Katha

A. Sreenivasa Ravi (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 15:49:18 -0500


I am constantly curious about the translations of Telugu short fiction
(into English).

I came across the following on the home page of Katha (the non-profit
org. that brings out every year, English translations of short stories
of various Indian regional languages ed. by Geetha Dharmarajan), an
activity that can bring better visibility and appreciation to regional
language fiction at home and abroad.

> Forthcoming publications
> The Katha Translation Contest Volume
> The Katha Classics Series
>    Individual volumes in translation on masters, who have either
pioneered a certain trend of writing >    or epitomised a characteristic
style in their own regional language.
>           The Essential Masti edited by Dr. Ramachandra Sharma.
>           The Essential Ananthamurthy edited by Dr. D.R. Nagaraj.
>           The Essential Basheer edited by Dr. Ravindaran.

Again, very thoughtful and imaginative. As you know, the first two
authors are Kannada writers and the third from Malayalam.

The home page apparently is not updated for a long time now. Has anyone
come across these publications?

Surely, there's an increasing interest generally in the Indian-English
fiction. And the idea that a good Telugu writer's short story collection
being available in English (just as the Telugu ones you find Visalandhra
stores) is quite appealing to me (economics of publishing/selling

I was just wondering who (which writer) could be picked up for Telugu
(assuming it takes off in Telugu or they take it up in Telugu also.)
"The Essential ... ???" Viswanatha? Ko. Ku.? Kaa. Raa?

- A.S. Ravi

P.S.: Incidentally, there is no Telugu short story in the latest volume
(1997) of Katha! while all the earlier ones have at least one, a couple
of years nominated by Madhurantakam Rajaram and later by Vakati
Panduranga Rao.
By the way, the URL of Katha home page is
Swami's 1989 short story Saavu Koodu translated by Vakati is also