'yaksha praSnalu'

Prabhakar Vissavajjhala (vissavajjhala@yahoo.com)
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 13:41:15 -0700 (PDT)

				'yaksha praSnalu'

1.  Barking dogs won't bite? What if they bite? (morigE  kukka 
karavadu.  kAni  oka vELa  karistE?)

A:  You can sue that dog (the owner) for not following 'work to rule

2. 'donagalu  paDDa  Aru  nelalaki,  kukkalu  enduku morugutAyi'?

A:  It is very likely that these dogs only heard of either the English
proverb: 'Better late than never' or the Telugu proverb: 'nidAnamE
pradhAnamu'; but certainly not the Sanskrit one: 'Alasyam  amRtam 

3.  'vinayam'  mancidE kadA!  kAni 'ati  vinayam  dhUrta  lakshaNam'.

A:  'ati  sarvatra  varjayEt'  andukani. (too much of anything is
always avoidable).

4. alA aitE  'ati vAdula'  mATEmiTi?  vALLu  kUDA  varjitulEnA?

A:  They did not call themselves by that name. It is attributed to
them, by those who want to keep them away. Anyway, sensible people
always ignore the part of  'ati' and certainly consider the 'vAdam'
from them.  

5. 'Magnetism' deals with attractions. How to explain 'human
attractions' in terms of the principles of 'Magnetism'?

A:  According to the principles of 'Magnetism', the opposite poles
'attract' and like poles 'repel'. Among humans, it is just the
opposite. (Like-minded people attract and opposite-minded repel.) 

6. What are 'optimism' and 'pessimism'?

A: When 'realism' is the average (mean value-statistical term) of an
issue, 'optimism' and 'pessimism' form either side of the 'standard
deviation' for that.

7. What is the difference or similarity between 'analysis' and

A:   'Analysis' is decaffeinated 'criticism'. In other words, the
former is 'clinical' and the latter is 'cynical'.

8. 'siggu lEka  pOvaDAniki', 'nirabhimAnAniki' gala  tEDA  EmiTi?

A:  The former is 'water repelling' and the latter is 'water proof'. 

9. 'monDi tanAniki' (stubbornness) 'paTTudalaki' (determination) unna
tEDA  EmiTi?

A:  The former is always 'opposition party' and the latter is for ever
'ruling party'.

10. 'stree' (female) ki,  'stree vAdi' (feminist)  ki  tEDA  EmiTi?

A:  'purushulandu  puNya  purushulu  vErayA!'  anE (evarainA) mahiLa 
      'purushulandu  puNya  purushulu  lEraya!"  anE (evarainA) mahiLa
 'stree vAdi'.

11.  'dunnE  vADidE  bhoomi' aitE?!. 

A:  #Baby-sitter#  dE  #baby#. 

12.  'vyaktiki  bahuvacanm  Sakti'-- (Sree Sree). 

A:  A  Sakti;  manaku  anukUlistE -- bahuvacanam;   pratikUlistE --
adhika vacanam.

13.  Why don't we see many sweet people today?

A:  Most of them were 'eaten away', as they were 'sweet'. Taking a
leaf out of their history, the rest of the people are becoming
'hesitant/cautious' to be 'sweet'.

14. How to describe 'history'?

A:  'History' is like a multi-storeyed builiding.

15. Why so? 

A:  In a muti-storeyed building, for any apartment in the middle, the
floor of it also becomes the roof for the apartment below that.
Similarly, the roof of it also forms the floor for the apartment above. 

However, 'The Present' time of any history is always the top most
apartment. If the person, who lives in there does not leave any
further scope on the roof to build anything in future, the next person
is compelled to drive him out of it to secure the next apartment on
top of that itself, or start digging a new foundation from the ground.

Not only for such inevitable reasons, sometimes, just for fun, or
craze, or variety, or egoistic, greedy, jealous reasons etc. also, a
new building can be started. Sometimes, a new building is started
first and searched for the reasons next.

Sometimes, if there occurs very frequent new foundations in ashort
period of time, we may come across horizontal expansion instead of
vertical elevation also.

16. Is 'equality' possible between the 'man' and the 'woman'?

A:  Never.

17.  Why?

A: Even if everything is considered similar between the two, only the
'woman' can give birth to a 'baby' but not the 'man'. So, there exists
only uniqueness, but never 'equality' between the two for that matter
anybody. So, sensible people always respect other's uniqueness as much
as they respect their own.

With regards,
Prabhakar Vissavajjhala

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