Re: I want more! More!

Bapa Rao (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 17:28:46 -0700 (PDT)

> 	> By Ramarao Kanneganti: These reviews are 
> 	> dandy, but I am looking for more. Enquiring minds 
> 	> want to know:
> It is sort of obvious that Ramarao is digging at the want
> of detail about the literary programs in the reviews. 
> [Yes, shuttle services by Super shuttle were prompt & their 
> #telugu kalaSam# banner was great; AT&T provided Telugu 
> operators for the occassion with melodious #kOnasIma# accent;
> the South has been hot a bit earlier this year; #kArappoDi#  
> by Suruchi deserves ovations; the garlands of #kanakAmbarAlu# used 
> for the stage speak volumes for the gardening talents of #aTlATA vAru#;
> ....
> #baTTu, vAT elsU#, ...]. 
> Will someone please respond, ... ? 

Sure, why not?

There was a secret midnight session held in Room 121 presided over by
paalana, in which aTlAnta-stha telusa-ers adopted a secret password 
and handshake without no information can be given out, so very sorry.

Bapa "viggu lEni emuDu" Rao

> T. Hari Krishna