Am I insensitive?

sadananda (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 14:09:26 -0500

I just received list mail from K.V. Rao call for help - I am sure many
members of the telugu digest have received it.  I appreciate Dr. Rao's
effort and the effort of the friends of the students to help raise the
money to send the body to India.  Dr. Rao made very appropriate comments
about the insurance requirements for the students- I donot know if the
insurance policy would cover the funeral or the transport of the dead body
to a different country?

My deep sympathies to the family of the student who died and my
appreciation of his friends to raise the money required.

But keeping the sentiments aside, I could not feel stomach upset about the
phenomenal waste of money in trying to send a dead body to India.

I feel, in the clout of sentimentality, somebody lost their priorities here.

What a phenomenal waste of money in raising funds to transport a dead body
while many living bodies require a better accommodation before they become

They have already raised $7000/- My suggestion for them is to complete the
funeral here which casts around $2000/- and send the rest of the money in
the name of boy for the betterment of the living conditions of small
children or students who become dead otherwise.

    Am I being insensitive?  My apologies if this comes across as gross.
As I understand the religious rites, the body should be disposed of as
quickly as possible.  The soul is already is gone - and body is not the
person.  The sooner it is disposed off the better for the soul too.  So
there is no religious requirement at least by Hindu tradition for the body
to flown to India or else where else.

I just came from India, and visited in Bangalore an organization where they
are trying to help destitute females and little female children with no
where to go by giving them shelter and education. What they are looking for
funds to renovate the living accommodations for little children. Urgently
required are the funds to repair the leaking the sewage pipes otherwise
causing health hazard to everyone.

In the name of sentiments I feel there is missing priorities here.  Am I
wrong?.  I will be happy to be corrected, not by sentimental statements
but by logic!

Hari Om to everybody.