Re: RIT & Web interface

Prasad Chodavarapu (
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 11:51:47 -0500 (CDT)

: thanks prasad gaaru. but the fonts and letter sizes are such
: that we need a magnifying galss to read it. 
: spacing (between letters, words, lines) is not good enough.
: Can you improve it?
: Also it asks for a file. what if i need for an online
: article?? suppose i just want to read and forget.
: why should i take all the pains of storing the stuff in a file,
: removing all headers and all that? can't some 'article-number-based
: or cut-and-paste type of text-inputting be done?

hi vasu garu,
All your wishes will soon come true (infact, very soon)!
sri ramarao kanneganti is already writing the web interface
for rit v-3(much better fonts) with all the options of size, 
output, input fotmats etc.
look out for an announcement from him very soon.

prof. subbarao garu of "caitanaya kavita" wanted to know
if i am married so that he can include names in the next issue.
i could not reply to him as yet. please let him know if u happen to meet
him in the meanwhile that i am not married and that i wouldn't
really want to be acknowledged in print.

: --
: Regards & Thanks
: Vasu.

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