[Info] Reprints of ooooold Telugu works by CPB, MW Carr et al

Sreenivas Paruchuri (sreeni@ktpsp1.uni-paderborn.de)
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 19:56:22 +0200 (MET DST)

I understand that Reprints of some of the works of C.P. Brown, M.W. Carr, 
Abbe DuBois et al have come out in 1996. These include;
the first edition of, dated 1829, _vEmana padyaalu with Engl. translation_,
on _Tippu Sultan and Hyder Ali_ (1839)_ both by CPB, 
the _Telugu Proverbs_ by Carr (also from 1830s),
DuBois's oft cited _A description of the character, manners and customs of 
the people of India and of their institutions, religious and civil_ 
(from 1817, this book gave the lead about Vemana to CPB, turning his
attention towards Telugu. Winners are obviously we, all Telugus!). 

I don't (yet) have clear information about the publisher. I guess that its 
Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, who reprinted CPB's _Telugu Grammar_
and his _Essaya on Tel. lit._ (both from 1840) in '85/'86.


-------------The following is ONLY for Tel. lit. history freaks ------

CPB's 1st ed. contains only ~690 verses. The 2nd ed. released after ~10 years
had ~550 new additions. Thanks to late BanGoRe (Bandi Gopala Reddy) the 2nd
ed. saw the light of the day after 140 years, getting published twice in short
time; i.e. 1980 and 1985. However, the 1st ed. has its historical significance!

There are two versions of Carr's work on Telugu proverbs, a thick and thin
one :):

    A Collection of Telugu proverbs : translated, illustrated, and explained
    together with some Sanskrit proverbs printed in the Devanagari and Telugu
   characters = Andhralokokticandrika
    Telugu sametalu : a selection of Telugu proverbs / translated and

At last theres some controversy about DuBois's authorship. More on that some
other time.