Re: Hindia Government - Indian Independence 50 year Celebrations

Prasad Chodavarapu (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 10:00:55 -0500 (CDT)

:       Hell with the Hindia Government and the US Hindi Scholar Biographies.
:       Let Andhra Government take up the project of Publishing the
:       works/biographies of Telugu Scholars outside of Andhra.
:       It shouldn't cost them much.

i would actually say, to hell with all govts.

why should we ask the governments all the time to devote resources
to development of literature? isn't it more effective if
committed individuals take up the tasks rather than wait
for a grant that never comes, and if it comes, that which is
usually too late, too meagre and has too many strings attached.
we should get out of this frame of mind that says govt. has
to do everything, for, in reality, they can never do anything
as efficiently as a commited individual would. e.g. isn't sri PALANA 
doing a fantastic job covering telugu poetry during freedom struggle?

ofcourse, it was another point that veluri gari post made with
which i have no problem. i completely agree with the sentiments  of
expressed there in as to the preferential treatment meted out to hindi
in comparison to other indian languages.


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