Re: Hindia Government - Indian Independence 50 year Celebrations

C. Kambhampati (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 17:24:09 +0100 (BST)

My sentiments exactly. But why ask for the andhra govt for help. What
about ourlselves - we the rgreat NRI's the upholders of the telugu
culture, the andhra virtues , people of substance etc....are we that badly
off that we cannot get this set up ourselves. We would not need the
support of the Gov. Of HINDIA (sic!) (indeed it makes me really sick). At
the end of the day we NRI's are real cheapdos who do not have the guts,
courage, nor the attitude do the things we want to - but will always find
it very convient to find a scape goat!

I had started keying in a reply but cancelled it-
one word comes to mind - 'TOUGH'. Come on sarllu, let us stop this navel
gazing (the neck muscles need some rest) and put our money where our mouth
is. Let us all telugigots start a collection and get the ball roliing for
a directory for ourselves (andhras taht is) - I can already see people
starting the mail shots for this but hang on a moment I am reminded of a
scheme years ago for a telugu chair in some ivy league univ which went a
cropper because none of us telugigots wanted to put our money where our
mouth is.

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, PALANA (pAranandi lakshmI narasimham wrote:

>       Hell with the Hindia Government and the US Hindi Scholar Biographies.
>       Let Andhra Government take up the project of Publishing the
>       works/biographies of Telugu Scholars outside of Andhra.
>       It shouldn't cost them much.
>       Submit a memorandum to the chief minister of AP on behalf of all the NRIs.
>       After all, the Andhra Politicians waggle their tails in the centre.
>       Or their tails are gone?
>       pAlana