More: TELUSA Project - Andhras Abroad after 50 years of India' Independence

Wed, 9 Apr 1997 12:38:40 -0400

   Some more names that often come to my mind, I forgot to add to my earlier

   Sri Velcheru Narayana Rao (VNR), who has been very active in his field of
   research and contributing very valuable work to the area of Telugu
   Literature/History - probably the only one with the highest # of graduate
   dissertations in Telugu literature so far in the world.

   Sri Chenna Reddy of the Pennsylvania State University is a well-known
   biochemist in the area of lipoxygenases and oxidative metabolism.

   Sri Chaganti Raju of the Sloan Kettering is a well-known geneticist and has
   done exceptional research in the area of human genetics.

   Sri Puligandla Ramakrishna, professor philosophy, University of Toledo, has
   been actively doing research in the fields of Hinduism, Eastern Religions,
   and Symbolic Logic. He is regarded as one of the best lecturers and probably
   one of those at the top among US Andhras. Also he published several books on
   Hinduism and Eastern thought.

   Sri Reddy, known as peroxisome-proliferator Reddy (around Chicago - either
   North Western or U of Chicago Med School), is very famous in the area of
   peroxisome proliferation and carcinogenesis.

   Smt. Cherukuri Ramadevi of Detroit has been very active in the Indian/Telugu
   community and known as a very good Telugu writer. She has been currently
   working on gEya rAmAyaNam in Telugu.

   Sri Dabbiru C. Rao of the Washington U, St. Louis, is a famous biostatistician.
   He (a student of Prof. CR Rao) has done outstanding reserach in the area
   of statistics. He is the director of the epidemiology reserach institute.

   I don't have to give you names. You identify some one as accomplished, please
   do call them or persuade them to give their biography/CV and a passport
   photograph. That is it. Pass it on. We will add it to the database. It needs
   a bit of editorial work.

   Any more suggestions.


   Disclaimer: Opinions are mine only.