Re: Telugu Greats Indian /NRI- Publication.

s.k.rao (
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 13:36:33 -0400

>starting the mail shots for this but hang on a moment I am reminded of a
>scheme years ago for a telugu chair in some ivy league univ which went a
>cropper because none of us telugigots wanted to put our money where our
>mouth is.
   Yes that is what happns normally. Therefore if  all of you aready to
sell 10-15 copies, ($5-10, each copy). We can start this project.
1. Prepare a set of guidelines about who should be included
2. Decide the format for the presentation.
3. Collect as many as we can
4. Finalize about 100-150 .
5. Process/review the and type, scan ..etc.,
6. Print ditribute in India and US.

- Srinivasa Rao K.