More on Government of India's Linguistic Chauvinism

Rao Veluri (
Wed, 09 Apr 97 13:29:01 CST

     Dear friends:
     My intent in forwarding to TELUSA and SCIT, the letter written
     by Prof. William P. Harman to the Embassay of India is to make 
     all of us aware of the continued fueling of parochial notions, 
     deliberately by the Government of India. It is a national disgrace
     to have one and only one language scholars picked for the directory 
     over the rest of the scholars in all other equally beautiful and 
     culturally rich languages.
     Emotions aside, first and foremost as Indians, all of us, including 
     the Hindi speaking nettors, must protest this Government sponsored 
     linguistic chauvinism. 
     Privately organizing for a publication of directories of scholars of 
     Indian languages living abroad is desirable, but should be started 
     only after our resentment at the callousness of the Government of 
     India is made public.
     I believe that it is our primary duty to express our disagrement with
     the Government of India's decision, and protest its insensitive 
     behavior whether or not the beauracracy pays immediate attention.
     To that end here is a draft one can fax to the Embassy of India
     in Washington, D.C. We can also mail a copy to the Chief Minister
     of Andhra Pradesh(and other Chief Ministers as well!) expressing our 
     strong sentiments in this regard.
     This approach in any way should not hinder the efforts that were on 
     way to privately undertake the publication of a directory of the 
     Telugu scholars etc., living abroad.
     Honorable Siv S. Mukherjee
     Embassy of India
     2107 Massachusets Avenue, N. W.
     Washington, D.C. 20008
     Phone (202) 939-7041
     Fax (202) 462-7276
     It has come to my knowledge that the Government of India is 
     going to bring out a Directory of Scholars of Hindi living 
     abroad to commemorate India's 50th anniversary of independence.
     This decision in isolating one language scholars over the others
     is against the very uniqueness of India, viz., Unity in Diversity.
     India is rich with all its beautiful languages and that scholars in 
     all languages without an exception have been enhancing the cultural 
     image of India at home and abroad. 
     We hate to see the Government of India aiding and abetting petty 
     parochialism by indirectly proclaiming that one linguistic group 
     carrying the banner of the entire nation.
     We strongly protest this discrimination and sincerely advise the 
     Government of India to come forward in publishing the Directory of 
     Scholars in all Indian languages living abroad.     
     (Your Signature)
     Personally I would suggest faxing to Washington, D.C. and 
     I have already done it!
     Venkateswara Rao Veluri