Some more on the Directory of Hindi Scholars and GOI

Rao Veluri (
Thu, 10 Apr 97 15:38:13 CST

     Several friends asked me if I have seen a copy of the letter from the 
     Embassy of India that referred to the publication of the Directory of 
     Hindi Scholars living overseas. 
     The answer is Yes. I have a copy of the letter.
     I am posting the copy and my e:mail reply to the Embassy of India.
     This is in addition to the letter I posted on TELUSA and SCIT  
     yesterday which I have faxed to the Embassy of India. I have also 
     mailed copies to the Prime Minister Hon. Deve Gouda and the Chief 
     Minister of AP, Hon. Chandrababu Naidu.
     Some of you might conclude that I am nuts; may be I am!
     _______________                            ________________
     MINISTER (PRESS)           LOGO            EMBASSY OF INDIA
     Telephone:(202) 939-7041             2107 Massachussets Avenue, N.W.
     Fax.(202)462-7276                          Washington, D.C. 20008
                                                March 27, 1997
     Dear _____________________(name deleted)        
     India celebrates this year as the 50th anniversary of our 
     independence. The Government and people of India are planning a number 
     of cultural activities to celebrate this occasion. The Indian Council 
     for Cultural Relations(ICCR) is considering to bring out a Directory 
     of Hindi Professors, Scholars and Writers living overseas. As you 
     would agree it will be an invaluable tool in bringing together people, 
     such as yourself, who are involved in this scholarly pursuit. The 
     planned directory is expected to include brief personal background, 
     photograph, educational qualifications, position(s) held, published 
     works, awards and honors received.
     The main purpose of this letter is to collect above information from 
     the Hindi Scholars living in the United States. I understand that 
     though your area of interest lies in South Asia, your scholarly 
     activities may not be focused on Hindi. In that case, I would 
     appreciate if you could kindly pass this information to your 
     colleagues who specialize in this area.
     I thank you very much for your time and if you need further 
     information, please feel free to call me or Suresh Ramal at 
     202/939-7043 or email:
     (sd) Shiv S. Mukherjee
     Here is my email to Hon. Mukherjee and Hon. Suresh Ramal:
     Hon. Shiv S. Mukherjee
     Hon. Suresh Ramal
     Embassy of India
     2107 Massachusetts Avenue
     Washington, D.C. 20008
     April 10, 1997
     It has come to my attention that on the occassion of the 50th 
     anniversary of India's independence, the Indian Council for Cultural 
     Relations (ICCR) funded by the Government of India is planning to 
     bring out a Directory of Hindi Scholars living overseas.   
     I do not understand why scholars from one language are singled out 
     for this honor at the expense of numerous scholars involved with  
     other Indian languages. Now, if this venture is sponsored by
     a private outfit, then we have no qualms. But, if the Government 
     of India which is supposed to protect and 'treat' all national 
     languages on same par, regrettably takes the lead in orchestrating and 
     perpetrating petty parochial notions, then one has no recourse but to 
     protest, strongly condemn this action and discourage participation by 
     all scholars living overseas, irrespective of their expertise and 
     language  affiliations.  
     You leave us no choice but to publicize in the media available to us, 
     electronic and otherwise this blatant discrimination and linguistic 
     chauvinism aided and abetted by the Government of India.
     Yours Sincerely,
     V. Rao Veluri

     venkateswara rao veluri