Forwarded: Re: TELUSA digest 421 -- Purpose of TELUSA?

Thu, 17 Apr 1997 15:40:32 -0400

Smt. Savitri writes:

>in SCIT -- a complete waste of bandwidth.  I finally got set off by
>today's digest, which had not *one* post that had any relevence to
>Telusa (although all were appropriate to SCIT).

>Thanks for letting me vent. I'll look forward to any responses.
>Savithri Machiraju

 Sure Smt. Savitri gAru! You have a right to vent.
 Your statement "'s digest, which had not *one* post that had any
 relevance to Telusa (..." is not correct.

 I posted one article on the Telugu Patriotic Poets. Isn't it relevant to

 Eversince the inception of this baby, only a handful of people regularly
 contribute to this group. If there is a whole gang of literary lovers, what are
 they doing?

 I remember one thing from my good old days at Andhra University during the
 Golden Anniversary - While a handful of students were working day and night
 towards the exhibition in our department, the rest of the 100 (including the
 faculty) were commenting, evaluating, and judging the *hardwork* of these
 unpaid slaves who were desperate for a pat on the back.

 I commend and thank those who worked very hard for a SCIT-Telusa link to
 rejuvinate blight-striken SCIT.

 Please remember! If those handful don't contribute anything relevant or
 irrelevant to Telusa, Telusa would also be on its last leg.

 I feel that it is my (our) pleasure and responsibility to keep both SCIT and
 TELUSA alive by any means with any Telugu-Telusa-SCIT related material.

 I feel hurt by your statements. If one vents, others like me have to inhale the
 smoke and take the heat. I don't vent.