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one more reply to savitri gari mail that the so called blackhole
ate up. i am using the forward button to repost it.

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: i thank sAvitri gAru for raising important questions,
: though, i would add that i respectfully disagree with all her conclusions,
: including the most bizzare one about the motives behind automoderation of
: scit.  some questions should not go unanswered. i wanted to listen to
: the views of senior telusaers before jumping in with my own two cents
: worth. 
: why should telusa exist?
: lots of reasons. i can only list some of them.
: when telusa was created, scit was in a state where it was
: becoming a monumental task to find a post of relevance
: in the midst of hundreds of dumped posts. more than that,
: there was clearly a need to create a forum that is devoted
: to discussing telugu literature, given the interest of so many
: sciters interested in conducting a civil discussion on this topic.
: so, there definitely was a rationale for creation.
: now that scit is sort of back to a more readable state, should
: telusa continue to exist? especially, when almost all of the 
: telusa posts are being copied to scit. i definitely think so and
: here are my reasons. the first reason is analogous to the rationale
: behind having a annual meeting of cardiologists, when an annual meeting
: of medical practitioners already exists. the idea is that telugu literature
: is an important topic that should be discussed in more depth and with
: more focus in a dedicated forum than that is possible in a more general
: setting provided by scit. also, people who like to discuss these topics,
: would be motivated with the knowledge that there exists a forum of people
: with similar tastes who are interested in reading what they write. 
: for them, it provides an opportunity to know more about each other, their
: tastes, views and personalities. none of which is possible in a more
: general setting like scit, where everyone is one in a crowd of disparate
: interests. it is more about providing the right atmosphere for good discussions
: than about anything else. telusa definitely extracts more out of their posters
: than a general setting like scit would. 
: more importantly, it provides readers like me a forum where one can learn 
: a bit more everyday on one's favourite topic. unfortunately, education back
: home does not provide opportunities to learn more about telugu, once we get
: out of school/college into a technical institution. we continue to get
: english lessons in engineering colleges but nothing about telugu. to be able
: to participate in a forum like telusa provides an unique opportunity to start
: from where we left off. what better reason do we need?
: i would not go into the topic of scit's auto-moderation as sri bapa rao garu
: has already answered those questions. one thing i would like to say though.
: even the fiercest critics would agree that that scit is a more readable forum 
: than it was before auto-moderation and if there were any fears of censorship,
: they were completely unfounded. infact, we should all be thankful to kamala
: and team to have devoted their time and energy for making sure that scit lives
: longer.
: regards
: prasad
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