Re: On the purose of Telusa

Prasad Chodavarapu (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 11:50:54 -0500 (CDT)

please correct me if i am wrong, but seems like savitri garu
got the whole scit-telusa relationship confused.

scit != telusa, for, scit is more general.
if scit happens to be a mirror of telusa these days,
that is not a fault of telusa. for, it just means that
scit has failed to evoke much discussion on other important 
topics such as politics, arts, history, social and economic issues,
development and environment, cultural conflicts for american born 
telugu childern, sports and religion. these are all
very important topics that receive little to negligible attention on 
scit. they are completely out of telusa's perview.

in summary, telusa should not be blamed if scit happens to be
nothing more than a mirror of telusa. these days, i can only see
two active threads on scit. one stems from the contributions of
telusa and the other, very important one, is about naxalism, human rights,
law and order and social justice. if only scit is more active,
i feel that telusa would not be blamed as being a mirror of scit.
if the complaint is  that telusa is not rising to the level of one's expectations,
then may be it can be made better by everyone's active participation.

4)both scit and telusa have their own significance when it comes to
contributing to the discussion of important issues. both need to be healthy
and active to make a significant contribution.


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