My experience with TELUSA Archives

sadananda (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:25:41 -0400

Yesterday I tried to find using infonet search in Netscape to find my own
article in alt.hindu. To my surprise it spilled 570 articles under the name
of Sadananda. Since I realize that I am not that famous and has not
authored that many articles even in my own field, I tried to investigate
further.  Some of them are from Telusa archieves and to my surprise none of
them are mine.  Most of them are from Ramakrishna Pillamarri.  I know
Ramakrishna is a happy person but with Rama in front he cannot be always
happy (sadananda).

Bottom line there is something wrong in the telusa archives - I donot know
if any body checked it?

Hari Om!