e-texts & chronological listing of of (classical) lit works

Sreenivas Paruchuri (sreeni@ktpsp1.uni-paderborn.de)
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 17:50:26 +0200 (MDT)

Being encouraged by the recent developments on technological front
I am planning to (re)start  some 'telugu literature' related projects
that have been lieing on ice (i.e. on my disk :)) since two years.

I am keen in putting the e-texts of literary classics insofar theres no
copyrights violation. This idea is nothing new but Ramana (Juvvadi) gaaru
proposed it nearly 2-3 years ago. But to my knowledge no work was done on
large scale. On my part I have been keying in every poem I come across.

Also I am working on comprehensive listing of Telugu literary works and
their authors (in chronological order).

To give you an idea about the work I am doing/planning, please have a look at
the "Tamil Electronic Library" (maintained by Dr. Kalyanasundaram); esp. at
topics 2 and 3 @:

So I plan to do something very similar to that.

If you would like to be a part of this, please send me a mail @

Thanks and Regards,

P.S. Let me take this oppurtunity to caution some people that those works 
     from SriSri's _mahaaprasthaanam_ (5 poems) and Papayya Sastri's 
     _vijayaSree_ (kuntee kumaari et al) available on web are not for 
     redistribution/reproduction /commercial use. Copyrights exist of 
     these works!