On sUra kavi (part 1)

24 Apr 97 10:28:51 -0700

      On aDidam sUra kavi  (part 1) 
Poets are known for their ready wit. 
aDidam sUra was one amongst them.  
I have a book (back at home in India) written by a person 
belonging to the same family tree.  
sUra kavi was sort of court poet to pUsapATi vijaya rAma 
rAju of vijayanagaram, probably a grandson of even named 
king we see in the story of bobbili yuddham.  
The king had an elder step brother who used to weild power, 
and had particular disliking towards sUra kavi. His name 
was sItA rAma rAju. 
One day, sUra kavi rendered a poem on the king, which  
displeased king's brother. He objected to the poet's 
addressing of the king with a 'raa'.  
The poet promptly returned his answer to the objection 
with another poem. 
 (kanda padyam) 
    chinnappuDu, rati kELini 
    yunnappuDu, kavitalandu, yuddhamu landun | 
    vanne sumI raa koTTuTa 
    chennagunO pUsapATi sItA rAmA || 
[ Meaning is clear. ] 
-Tadigadapa Syamala Rao