11th TANA Conference and the Telugu novel competition

V. Chowdary Jampala (cjampala@dayton.net)
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 23:31:24 -0400 (EDT)

A few weeks ago Sri kalaSapooDi Sreenivaasa raavu posted 
a message in thisforum soliciting donations for a Telugu 
novel competition sponsored by TANA on the occasion of the 
11th North American Telugu Conference to be held at Anaheim 
Convention Center (near LA) during the July 4th weekend (for 
more information about theConference, check the TANA 
webpage at http://www.tana.org

Permit me to put this truly novel Telugu novel competition 
into context. Over the past decade, it has truly become a 
tradition that the TANA Conferences become a catalyst for a 
real literary event. The 8th TANA Conference was the catalyst for 
the publication of the revised edition of Arudra's 'samagraandhra 
telugu saahityamu'. The 9th TANA Conference sponsored the 
publication of 'taanaa telugu katha' (a representative anthology 
of Telugu short stories over the years), 'manchutuankalu' (a
representative anthology of Telugu poetry), and an English 
translation of Arudra's poetry. The 10th TANA Conference was 
instrumental in the publication of 'bommaa-borusu' (a commemorative 
edition of baapu and muLLapooDi venkaTa ramaNa's works on their Golden
Jubilee), Other works published on this occasion include Smile's 
'khaaLee seesaalu', bhamiDipaaTi raamagOpaalam's 'saradaa
kathalu', yaddanapooDi sulOchanaa raaNi's 'avyaktam', and the 
first volume of 'amerikaa telugu kathaanikalu'. These events are, 
of course, in addition to the souvenirs published at these conferences.

This year, the TANA Souvenir Committee (Murali Chanduri, a 
writer and the force behind the well acclaimed magazine 
'rachana', is this committee's Chairman) has decided to do
something different. One of the things about the contemporary
Telugu literary scene is that the 'commercialism' of the
contemporary media and the crisis in the book publishing industry
has made it very difficult for a good quality novel to be 
published. Though we have several novels that depict the changes 
in the lifestyles of Telugus upto mid 1950s, there are very few 
Telugu novels that paint on a broad canvas a panoramic view of 
a slice of Telugu life of 1960s and on. If the current trend
continues unabated, there is no incentive for writers to produce
such novels. TANA decided to be a catalyst for the writing of 
such novels and has sponsored a Telugu novel competition with an
unprecedented prize money of Rs. 120,000 for a novel of outstanding
quality about the life of Telugus. 'aahvaanam', a reputed Telugu 
literary fortnightly is collaborating with TANA in this regard. 
TANA will publish the wiining novel and The winner will be invited 
for a trip to the LA TANA Conference.  (If a novel of such outstanding
quality is not recived, TANA will award a lesser prize of appropriate
size. I am informed that truly outstanding novels were received for
the competition).

After the demise of the era of the kings sponsoring great works, it
falls to the public to fill the gap. Those of you with a literary 
interest may remember that such a competition in 1930s by Andhra
University (with the then princely sum of Rs. 1,000 as the first 
prize) resulted in the outstanding novels, 'naaraayaNa raavu' and 
'vEyi paDagalu'. TANA hopes that this competition will generate
a similar interest among our better writers. (As an aside, a 
Telugu short story competition with similar mega prizes sponsored 
by the US based appaajOsyula-vishNubhotla foundation last year
led to the publication of some outstanding stories; more about it
in a later post).  

Those of us with an interest in good Telugu literature need to
support this undertaking by the TANA souvenir committee which has
to raise all the funds necessary for this entire project. Please 
send a donation (any amount is welcome; donations received so far
range from $25 to $580). Please send your donation to 
	Murali Chanduri
	3950 Padua Avenue
	Claremont, CA 91711
	Te# 909-625-5810

Donors donating $25 or more will receive a copy of the 11th TANA 
Conference Souvenir along with a copy of the prizewinning novel.
All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Regards.		---	V. Chowdary Jampala