On sUra Kkavi (part 2)

25 Apr 97 14:31:32 -0700

Another wittty poem from aDidam sUra kavi. 
One day, kavi's wife said, "you seam to be rendering poems 
on each and every other person you meet.  Why not compose  
a small poem on our son? " 
Obliging immediately, he recited the following poem on his 
son bAla bhAskaruDu (nick named 'bAchi' according to the book). 
   (kandam)    bUchA ? bUchula lOpala 
               bAchannE pedda bUchi; panDlun dAnun, | 
               bUchanina rAtri veraturu, 
               bAchannanu jUchi paTTa pagalE veratur || 
[ Again the meaning is clear] 
Thus making fun of his own son, who unfortunately was 
some what ugly ( according to the book ) with his  
protruding teeth. 
-Tadigadapa Syamala Rao.