Re: On cali and vEsavi

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 11:11:50 +0200 (MET DST)

> Source: CPMM (cATu padya maNi manjari)

1. > cali! mammIgati bAdha peTTedavu nI sAmardhyamul vaTTi
2. > caligA! nIkoka vArta telpedanu niSSankOdbhaTul dampatul
Thanks for providing two new poems on "chali" from VP's CPMM!

> ahamulu sannamu lAyenu 
> dahanuDu hitavayye dIrghataralayye niSal
> bahu SitOpEtambai
> yuhuhU yana vaNake jagamu lurvInAthA!
This version slightly differs from what I have learnt in school.

     ahamulu sannamulayyenu
     dahanamu hitamayye, deerghadaSalayye niSal
     yuhuhoo yani vaDake lOka murveenaadhaa

Though the differences between the above versions is negligible, it remains 
a problem. CPB did monumental work in this regard, paying great attention 
while preparing the manuscripts for publication. After his return to England,
and more after his death, some well known publishing houses shamelessly 
published his manuscripts under their name, not even acknowledging CPB, is 
a different story.

[There was a lesson: Seetakaalamu, for us in 9th class. I posted most of the
poems from it twice on net, which are also available @:]