Tue, 29 Apr 1997 17:48:13 -0700


Sree raamakRshNa gaari post on seasonal poems translated the word 
"kanduva" in one of the poems as "season."  That got me thinking 
as I have come across this word, especially in annamaachaarya 
keertanalu, several times and its meaning seems to change with 
context.  For example, in "alarulu kuriyaga naaDenadE .. " one 
charaNam goes:

chindula paaTala siri(Siri?) polayaaTala
andela mrOtala naaDe nadE
kanduva tiruvenkaTapati mechchaga
andapu tirupula nalamEl(u) manga

In another keertana, "tandanaanaa aahi .." one charaNam goes:

kanduvagu heenaadhikamu lindu lEvu
andariki SreeharE antaraatma
indulO jantukula mintaa nokaTE
andariki SreeharE antaraatma

Obviously the meaning of of "kanduva" is not intutively obvious!

Similarly, I wonder about the meaning/origin of the words:

musaLLa panDaga
terachi raaju
muttaiduva/aidava tanam (I have some understanding of this term from
an exchange with Sreenivaas paruchoori but I would like to know
what the rest of you think)