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Tue, 29 Apr 1997 18:10:23 -0700 (PDT)

My guesses/speculations:

> musaLLa panDaga

"musaLLu"=musalaalu, referring to the fratricide of yadavas using
musalaalu after the Mahabharata war.

> terachi raaju

I saw "trOsi raaju", never "terachi raaju". I speculate that both terms may be
related to chess, in which "raaju" is uttered when placing the opponentt's king
in check. The "trOsi" variant may refer to moving into a square 
occupied by the opponent's piece (pushing it aside or capturing it)
and then placing the opponent's king in check; "terachi" may mean
moving aside one of one's own pieces, revealing a check to the 
opponent's king.

> muttaiduva/aidava tanam (I have some understanding of this term from
> an exchange with Sreenivaas paruchoori but I would like to know
> what the rest of you think)

I think there are 5 things associated with non-widowed-married state
(pasupu, kumkuma, maTTElu, gaajulu, and something else); mutta- simply
means senior or older lady meeting the qualifications, though it may
be used as a respectful term for even younger women. 

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