Re: On "seasonal" poems

Ramakrishna S. Pillalamarri (pkrishna@ARL.MIL)
Wed, 30 Apr 97 0:02:15 EDT

It escaped me for the moment, but Nasy reminded me of a recent reference
to the three different types of "agni". It occurred during last September's
SatAvadhAnam by Sri mADugula nAgaphaNi Sarma.

MNS has a particular fondness for the words "DAlu", and "pisALincu",
which he used in several poems that day. They occur here too.

The question was for a poem to be composed with reference to an incident
from manu-caritra. The four words given for inclusion (usually one in
each line) are:

        London, America, Japan, Italy

Here is the poem: (courtesy Nasy)

	alarun jAru jigin bigin hoyala DAlanDan piSALincu yI
	lalitan bondina puNyamE amari kaLyANambulE galgu - nO
	lalanA nEnu japAnuraktuDa, kathA lAvaNyamai gEhaman
	dalaghu SrI tritayAgni velgeniTa lIlAlApamul dharmamE.

SR says: DAlu=kAnti, Tekkemu; pisALincu=prakASincu, parimaLincu, vyApincu

	"inta thaLa-thaLa lADutunnAvu, neeku kaLyANam jarugutundilE, nEnEdO 
	japa-tapAlu cEsukunE vANNi. inTlO mUDagnulu velugutU unnAyi, 
	nannu pOnivva-kunDA iTlA sallApAlu sAgincaTam dharmamA!" (rough trans)

In the course of the poem, MNS talked a little bit about the "mUDagnulu".

While his incorporation of the four apparently difficult words was 
appealing, I particularly liked the way he used Japan in the third line.

I wish we can have another SatAvadhAnam soon. This time it is bound to be even better, with the experience gained by the organizers, and those who helped them.


PS: an aside to Naa. Sreenivas - mails to you keep bouncing. Send me a mail.