Re. matta kOkila chandassu.

Ramana Juvvadi (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 21:28:35 -0400


 > With a length of N positions, we have theoratically 2 to-the-power-of N 
 > distinct combinations, each a vRitta chandas in its own right. But from 
 > all such combinations possible in Vritta series' of length 1 trhu 26, 
 > we have but a handful of metres popular.  This is perhaps due to the 

Before I say anything, let me clarify that I appreciate beauty in
words whether they are in chandO or non-chandO form. But I never
understood one thing. Perhaps you could clarify. If chandassu is
really a tool, one of the following must be true.

	(1) By following chandassu you would most probably automatically
	    generate a beuatiful poem. 

	(2) If you don't follow chandassu, it is very unlikely that
	    you won't generate a beautiful poem.

I have a hard time believing that either of the statements is true.
To me it looks that skillful poets are able to generate beauty
in spite of chandassu rather than because of chandassu.

I have a broader philosophic objection to the entire system
of chandassu or a raga in Indian music. It looks like an attempt
to capture the beauty of words or music in a few simple patterns.
I think that human mind is complex enough that its aesthetic
sense cannot be captured by a few simple rules.