Re: On Vaddera Chandidas

uday bhaskar (
Mon, 04 Aug 1997 02:19:21 PDT

Sri Chowdary Jampala gAru wrote:

>	There is a novel by naveen called cheekaTi-rOjulu, based on the
>real life experiences of a lecturer incarcerated during the emergency.

IMHO, naveen depicted the campus life of the early and mid '70s far more 
powerfully and realistically than any other writer in Telugu. While his 
cheekaTi rOjulu was directly about the emergency, he portrayed a far 
more powerful and moving depiction of Osmania campus life around the 
times of George Reddy, in a novel called "aMpa Sayya".

Written in a "stream of consciousness" format, this novel takes you 
through the life of a student from a poor farming family of rural 
Telangana in the political melting pot of Osmania campus. 

I have read "anukShaNikaM", but I did not get the same sense of elation 
and purpose that I got after reading aMpa Sayya. But it is quite true 
that vaDDera chanDI dAs has been one of our more powerful  novelists of 
this century. Too bad that he didn't write too many (same goes for 
naveen, too).



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