RE: On Vaddera Chandi Das

Ramarao, Ram (
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 13:44:07 -0500

Recently, Jampala garu and others briefly talked about Navin's works in
this context. Here is a list of most of Navin's works:

Ampasayya ('69); Life in a college ('75); Mulla podalu ('76);
Vicalitha ('76); Sankellu ('77); Cheekati rojulu ('78);
Pramaadaallo pramadalu ('87); Women's college ('90);
Anthassravanthi ('91).

I agree with Sri Jampala that the first is perhaps his best work. It is
written in the "caithanya sravanthi" technique first used in Telugu by
Buccibabu. Chandi Das also selectively uses this technique both in Hima
jwaala and Anu kshanikam (more in Hima jwaala), restricting it to a
single character in each of them.

I wonder if Ampasayya's success is more due to the technique than the
content. Anukshanikam on the other hand is a very comprehensive story
intertwining the lives of many characters connected by the common thread
of Osmania. While there are some over-dramatizations (particularly the
stories of Swapna Raaga Leena; Tara; and Gangi), it is mostly realistic
in characters, their behaviors, situations, as well as their expressions
- both in language and otherwise. In my view, Anukshanikam is
incomparable in its genre.