RE: On Vaddera Chandi Das

Ramarao Kanneganti (
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 15:01:21 -0400

Hi all,

I am a long time listner and first time caller. I enjoy your forum
greatly :-).

I vaguely remember reading these books during early teens, and the
talk of swapna raaga leena brings of hazy memories.

In fact, reading all these reviews in this forum makes my mouth
water. It is a torture, I say. Imagine that you got into the bus in
Guntur after waiting for an hour. The bus itself is made with an
excellent heat conductor. It is crowded, and doesn't even have space
for a single new air molecule. Of course, the guy next to you had to
smoke.  At last, you got down in gaarla paaDu and had to walk to
sowpaaDu. It is middle of summer. The sun is beating down the dry
land. There is no shadow in sight. The two water holes on the way are
dried up. Then somebody comes up to you and asks,

"Don't you really love it if somebody gets you water right now? Not
just any water, but water from the new "taabEti kunDa". Wouldn't it
just hit the spot if you can squeeze a lemon, and add a dash of salt?
Why, all this set up is even better if you can lie down under the tree 
in a "navaaru mancham" and suck down a delicious glass of butter milk
with all the trimmings?"

Well, I would appreciate if somebody can lend me any of Naveen's
books. I will bear the mailing expenses. Or, if you happen to be
living in the tristate area or near Detroit, I can even drop by and
pick them up.

Thanks y'all,

PS: Guys, wouldn't it be great if we can organize a library based on
Telusa resources, with regional centers and all? When we were in
Houston, we even had casettes filled with our own rederings of Sri Sri
and Tilak which we used to listen while driving. May be if suffient
people are interested, we can have some such setup going.