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Tue, 5 Aug 1997 01:00:28 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Ramarao, Ram wrote:

>  Here is a list of most of Navin's works:
> Ampasayya ('69); Life in a college ('75); Mulla podalu ('76);
> Vicalitha ('76); Sankellu ('77); Cheekati rojulu ('78);
> Pramaadaallo pramadalu ('87); Women's college ('90);
> Anthassravanthi ('91).

	Other novels:
	karuNa (aka kaatEsina kaaThinyam) 78
	daaguDu moothalu (78), prize winner, swaati novel contest
	pratyoosha (81)
	ceekaTi moosina EkaamtaMlO (86)
	teearani daaham 

	These eight have been republished as two volumes in 1995 by
ampaSayya rajatOtsava sancika sangham.

> I wonder if Ampasayya's success is more due to the technique than the
> content. 

	Obviously the technique played a role in ampaSayya's popularity.
But, it also tackles its theme effectively; the characters and the
situations are authentic and believable and live; it was easy to empathise
with the protagonist (ravi?) and that stage in his life. There still are
not many campus novels in Telugu that capture the angst of a generation.

caitanya sravanti is remembered only for the technique, ampaSayya is
remembered for more than that. AmpaSayya is a milestone in Telugu novel's
history for more reasons than one.

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