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Prasad A. Chodavarapu (
Thu, 05 Sep 1996 08:20:11 -0400

Ramarao Kanneganti wrote:
> PS: Guys, wouldn't it be great if we can organize a library based on
> Telusa resources, with regional centers and all? When we were in
> Houston, we even had casettes filled with our own rederings of Sri Sri
> and Tilak which we used to listen while driving. May be if suffient
> people are interested, we can have some such setup going.

somehow, this has always been a non-starter, to the loss of people
like me who do not have the opportunity to lay their hands on any telugu
books what so ever unless we personally visit india. part of the problem
has been the fear that a borrowed book may never be returned! any
suggestions on how we can guarantee that? here are couple of my thoughts
on the same.

may be we can start a book sharing club with a deposit of $100 from each
member. we can have a web page with a list of books and order forms. the
deposit can always be confiscated in case the books borrowed are not
returned. ofcourse, given the non-availability of most books in the
market, even this might not be able to  assure those who own books that
their books will be returned in proper shape and in the right time.

how about a club in which you have to lend a book, in order to borrow
one. if one doesn't have books to lend, he/she may instead co-ordinate
the library transactions for a week (per book he/she borrows). this way
we will both have books and volunteers!

at tana, Sri PRK requested everyone at the scit/telusa meet to mail me a
list of books with them so that i can put the list up on a web page.
till date, i received none. may be this is the time for another
reminder! if you have any telugu books that others may be interested in,
please mail me list of such books. 


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