Re: On Vaddera Chandi Das

Ramana R. Juvvadi (
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 09:49:15 -0400

Prasad A. Chodavarapu writes:

 > books what so ever unless we personally visit india. part of the problem
 > has been the fear that a borrowed book may never be returned! any

Reminds me of a story by erramSeTTi SAyi. A Russian lady arrives in 
Hyderabad to study Telugu culture. When she gets up in the morning
she sees a Subba Rao running around on the street trying to locate
his morning paper. His neighbors took a sheet each and are busy 
reading the paper!

She wants to see a movie and enquires what movies are running in the
city. Back comes an answer "teDDipAlem giDDigADU", "simham rakkindi",
"teeTa gADu", "dagulbAJee"

What is teDDipAlem?

	Name of a place.

What is giDDi gAdu?

	"Umm...giDDigADantE .... giDDigADEnanDi"