RE: On Vaddera Chandi Das

Ramarao, Ram (
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 09:02:09 -0500

In response to the book availability issue raised by
>	Prasad A. Chodavarapu
>and Ramarao Kanneganti:
>> PS: Guys, wouldn't it be great if we can organize a library based on
>> Telusa resources, with regional centers and all? When we were in
>> Houston, we even had casettes filled with our own rederings of Sri Sri
>> and Tilak which we used to listen while driving. May be if suffient
>> people are interested, we can have some such setup going.
There is unique source of books in this country - some university
libraries. I know of three - UT, Austin; UW, Madison; U. of Chicago.
There may be others. As part of the PL 480 program, India bartered books
for wheat and this program was alive until last year. The collection I
have seen at UT beats most libraries in AP and I believe that Chicago
has even bigger collection.

What about people that do not live in these cities? UT has a program
whereby you can borrow books "by mail". Others too may have similar
programs. Having not used it, I do not know all the details but I do
know that they have some patrons that correspond by mail. Finally,
anybody (I do not know if this is restricted to Texas residents) can
become a "courtesy member" of the UT library system at a $40 annual fee.
I may visit them in the next couple of days. I'll then try to get more
>details and pass them on.