Re: Where does this Subba Rao come from?

Ramakrishna S. Pillalamarri (pkrishna@ARL.MIL)
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 11:30:57 -0600

>the name Subba Rao so popular in Andhra - What does the name mean?

As pamiDighanTam sudhAkar said, 'subbA' is a shortened form of
'subrahmaNya', with connections to the ritual of pouring milk in snake
hills, ....

Another popular name (I think this has a more regional flavour) is 'appA
rAv'. Made immortal by muLLapUDi. appA rAv daggira kostunTE jAgrattagA
unDAli. 'kulAsA!' ani palakaristE ayidu rUpAyalu (idi venaka '60-s lO.
ippuDu E vandO ayi unTundi) appivvamani aDugutunnaTTu. 'halO, kulAsA!',
anTE padee!

On the same lines, PS said 'rao is derived from rAju-rAyalu-rAyudu-rAvuDu-rAvu'

At one time, I thought that the several variations of this suffix indicated
the caste to some extent; which turned out not to be true. For a long time
I wondered why VSN named his main character with 'rAvu' suffix, instead of
the customary "SAstri". Don't have a clear explanation yet.

That question in my mind extends in general, to many stories/novels and the
rationale, if any, for the names the authors choose for their characters. I
would like to think that the names aren't chosen willy-nilly, in any
serious undertaking. (I don't mean YSN's novels! - with apologies to PI)

This particular suffix 'rAju', in its various forms is interesting. I
wonder if there is another, with this many variations. One would associate
the suffix 'rAya' to rAjus, but then you see vEdam vEnkaTarAya SAstri, tAtA
subbarAya SAstri,...VSN's own son and nephew have the suffix 'rAyalu' for
their names.

I hope none of the above would be associated with any casteist discussion.


PS: Would somebody post names that are typically associated with some
region of AP, if there is validity for such a premise?