RE: Where does this Subba Rao come from? Rao another version.

Tata, Prasad (PrasadT@MOCR.OAPI.COM)
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 11:42:17 -0400

>That question in my mind extends in general, to many stories/novels and the
>rationale, if any, for the names the authors choose for their characters. I
>would like to think that the names aren't chosen willy-nilly, in any
>serious undertaking. (I don't mean YSN's novels! - with apologies to PI)
>PS: Would somebody post names that are typically associated with some
>region of AP, if there is validity for such a premise?
>Rao May be another british Version of Raju.. as most of the collectors
>appointed by them if they do a good job it was a custom to give the title Rao
>List of names typical to area...
>Subba Rao --- Vijayawada (extends to Karnataka, and some pockets of
>MahaRashtra. In Karnataka it is a last name in few families)
>AppaRao ---- VisakhaPatnam/Ijjinagaram
>Simhadri/Simhalu --- Ijjinagaram
>Yadagiri --- Hyderabad/Telangana
>Nookaalamma --- Anakapalli
>paiditalli --- Vizianagaram
>Kanaka Durga --- Vijayawada
>KrishnaPrasad --- Gudivada
>KazahMiya --- pataBasti
>RamaRao --- Sarvam Rama Mayam
>Hanumanthu --- Everywhere