Re: Where does this Subba Rao come from?

Bapa Rao (
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 09:57:08 -0700 (PDT)

I believe--

Subba Rao from Subba Rayudu, from Subramanyam, another name for

Perhaps there is a special sthala-puraaNam for the deity of this
particular name, like there is for Bhava-naraayaNa.

Bapa Rao

> When I read Sri Ramana gaari mail - I was just thinking - the name Subba
> Rao so popular in Andhra - What does the name mean?  - not that every name
> should have a meaning.
> Is it a distortion of shubha to subba - Also how did this Rao got into
> telugu culture?  Just curious.
> Subba Rao gaarlandarikii praNatulatO
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda