Re: Where does this Subba Rao come from?

Bapa Rao (
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 10:14:32 -0700 (PDT)

> PS: Would somebody post names that are typically associated with some
> region of AP, if there is validity for such a premise?

I supsect that traditional names (unlike the "modern" Indian equivalents
of the American "Chad" or "Blake")  reveal a lot about the geography and 
religion of the people. Often the names are variants of the names of
a local deity.
One of the more unusual names (aside from my own) I encountered was the
name "Bikshapati" in Telangana. Investigation revealed that it is a 
synonym for Lord Shiva. Mallesh, and Yadagiri are definitely Telangana-specific
names (maybe the former is from Southern Telangana, after the God of
Srisailam, the latter is of course from the God of Yadagiri-gutta.) 
Simhadri, Simhachalam almost certainly are associated with Northeastern
Godavari and further points up the coast. Variants of Ramudu are always
popular. How about the southern coast? Is anyone named Manumasiddhi or

Now that we are on this (literary?) topic, it is once again time to solicit
definitive answers to the etymology of the name "Bapa Rao." Is this name
a variant of the more famous "BaapinIDu", "BapiRaju" etc? What is _their_
etymology? Is this "family" of names peculiar to any particular region?
(Both the politician BaapinIDu and the writer BaapiRaaju are associated
with W. Godavari district.) 

Bapa Rao

P.S. It's no use asking my parents; they simply named me after an older
relative Bapaaayamma. The derivation pretty much stopped there as far
as they were concerned.