RE: Where does this Subba Rao come from?

sadananda (
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 15:00:11 -0400

>>vijayanagaram is of course, the center of Andhra Pradesh.

This reminds me when I went to Australia many years ago they were selling
world map with the south pole up and north pole down showing that Australia
should be on the top.  Their logic is very simple earth is too heavy on the
northern hemisphere and with all the water around will sink down pushing
naturally Australia up.

I am trying to come with any logic for Vijayanagaram to be the center of
AP.  Rayalaseema where I come from seems to have a better case. Although it
is heavy with lot of stones, lot of dimonds came from there too.  All the
ashTadiggajaas with their rayalu or Rao were patranized there.

Hari Om!

Hari Om!